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Total Cycle Assist FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Does Total Cycle Assist (TCA) cover theft?
No. TCA is accident-specialised cover that's also designed to make sure you don't pay us for cover you're likely to already have elsewhere. For example, if you have home contents insurance, that insurance policy will most likely include provisions for the theft of bicycles, so if we included similar provisions in TCA membership and charged you for that cover, you'd effectively be paying twice for theft cover! And that goes against the grain of what we do because TCA is dedicated to saving you money, not charging you for something you already have.

TCA adds value to you: while your home insurance may provide you with some cycle theft cover, what it won't give you is any cycling accident cover anywhere near as comprehensive as you get from us. So by joining TCA you get the best of both worlds: a superb level of cycling accident cover that you don't currently have at a very cheap annual membership fee of only £29 without having to pay again for theft cover that you more than likely do already have.
If I am involved in an accident with another vehicle on the road, what should I do?
If you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident while riding your bike, these are the steps you should take in order to ensure your safety:
  • Stay calm and don't get angry
  • Never admit that it was your fault
  • Note the driver's name, address, vehicle registration number / make of vehicle and insurance details
  • Ask for pedestrians or motorists who can act as witnesses to what happened. Ideally you will need two. Get business cards or contact details, take names, telephone numbers and addresses of at least two witnesses if possible
  • Ring the TCA Helpline 0800 179 9002 – We are here to help you through this traumatic situation
  • Report the accident to the police if you are injured
  • If injured ensure that you seek medical advice from a hospital or your GP
  • Photograph the accident scene and any visible injuries
  • Look for CCTV cameras as these could also provide evidence of liability
  • Keep any damaged clothing and bike parts and try to obtain a written assessment of the damaged items
  • If you incur any expenses as a direct result of the accident, make sure you keep a full record of these along with receipts where appropriate
When I ring the TCA helpline following an accident, is my call answered in a call centre?
No. All TCA helpline calls are answered by highly qualified professionals who can help and assist you straight away.
Do I have to pay legal fees?
No you don't have to pay any legal fees for advice given initially. Part of your TCA membership entitles you to free legal advice for accident claims. TCA expert lawyers will assess you claim and establish if you have a good case against a third party. If our lawyers pursue a case for you they may deduct up to 25% of your claim award to cover their costs.
I was hit by an uninsured driver - can I claim?
Fortunately, there is an organisation called the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) which is funded by all of the motor insurance companies in the UK. Where a driver who has injured you is uninsured or untraceable, it is still possible if you are able to provide the registration number of the vehicle.
What about damage and/or injury caused by hitting a pothole in the road?
Yes, but it is important that you follow the advice below:

If you've been involved in an accident caused by poorly maintained roads, it is important to follow the following steps:
  • Take names, telephone numbers and addresses of at least two witnesses if at all possible
  • If injured ensure that you seek medical advice from a hospital or your GP as soon as possible
  • Photograph the accident scene, including the pothole, clearly indicating the size and depth, and any personal injuries
  • Do not inform the local authorities until photographic evidence has been collected of the scene and, if the accident is serious, the cause of the accident has been witnessed by police and/or your solicitor
What happens if the injuries and damage to my bike are insignificant?
If your claim is thought to be worth less than £1,000 then this will be referred to the Small Claims Court. The solicitor that you speak to will let you know if this is the case and will pass a Small Claims pack to you. TCA do not support these cases as legal costs cannot be recovered from a 3rd party insurer, even if the case is successful. For this reason it is uneconomic for TCA to fund small claims. In the Small Claims Court injury cases are pursued by litigants in person, the court staff are able to provide assistance. The solicitor who contacts you will be able to advise you further in these types of cases.
I have just had an accident and I think it's my fault. What should I do?
Always ring the TCA helpline. They will advise you of the best course of action and help you assess if it is your fault. In any case, never admit liability before speaking to TCA.
My TCA membership is about to expire. How do I renew my membership?
We will contact you in advance of your membership expiring to enable you to maintain your cover.
My personal details have changed – like moved house or changed my email address. What do I do?
If you have moved house or changed email address, visit the Memberzone at the TCA website or email us at info@totalcycleassist.co.uk
Before I go cycling, is there anything I should do?
Yes, it is important to check your bike over every time you ride. In particular:
  • Check your bike's tyres, brakes, lights, gears and chain are in good working order - just like you would a car. Your local bike shop should be able to offer you a service package to suit you;
  • Always wear something bright like hi-viz clothing, and if cycling at night use lights. You could be fined £30 if you don't have lights after dark;
  • Make sure you invest in a decent helmet and wear it all times, no matter how short the journey - your helmet could save your life.
When I am on the road or cycle paths is there anything I should do?
Yes, cyclists have a responsibility to avoid accident as much as motorists:
  • ride defensively and expect the unexpected from motorists, motorcyclists and pedestrians
  • use hand signals when turning left or right
  • give HGVs, buses and large vehicles plenty of room - AVOID passing them on the left
  • make eye contact with motorists before making manoeuvres to make sure they have seen you
  • don't use a mobile phone or earphones while riding
  • According to the RoSPA stats, 75% of cyclist fatalities happen at, or near, a road junction
  • One of the most commonly recorded reasons given for a collision involving a bicycle and another vehicle is that the cyclist or motorist has ‘failed to look properly', especially at a junction
  • Cyclists riding into the path of a motor vehicle, often from the pavement, are also particularly at risk of injury

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